Standard Operating Procedure for Near Misses Enhancing Patient Safety Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing the standard operating procedure in dealing with “near misses”.  be sure to adress  address the following issues:

Examine any applicable rules and regulations pertaining to malpractice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Detail a specific procedure in dealing with the reporting of medical errors in a healthcare facility.

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In this PowerPoint presentation, we will explore the standard operating procedure for addressing “near misses” in a healthcare setting. Near misses are situations where errors or mistakes have occurred, but did not result in harm or adverse outcomes to patients. It is crucial for healthcare professionals to have a clear understanding of how to handle and report near misses in order to prevent future incidents and improve patient safety.

Standard Operating Procedure for Dealing with Near Misses:

1. Examine Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Malpractice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
– Begin by familiarizing ourselves with the legal framework surrounding medical malpractice in Saudi Arabia.
– Identify relevant laws, regulations, and standards that address the reporting and management of near misses.
– Highlight the importance of adhering to these rules and regulations to ensure patient safety and accountability.

2. Understanding the Concept of Near Misses:
– Define what constitutes a near miss in the context of healthcare.
– Discuss the significance of recognizing and reporting near misses as a proactive approach to patient safety.
– Emphasize the role of healthcare professionals in identifying and reporting near misses.

3. Reporting and Documentation of Near Misses:
– Provide a step-by-step procedure for reporting near misses within a healthcare facility.
– Highlight the importance of clear and concise documentation, including the necessary information and details to be included in the report.
– Discuss the appropriate channels or systems for reporting near misses, such as incident reporting systems or electronic reporting tools.

4. Analysis and Investigation of Near Misses:
– Explain the process of analyzing and investigating near misses to identify potential root causes.
– Discuss the importance of conducting a thorough investigation to uncover systemic issues and prevent future occurrences.
– Outline the involvement of key stakeholders, such as healthcare providers, quality improvement teams, and hospital administrators, in the investigation process.

5. Implementing Corrective Actions and Preventive Measures:
– Present strategies for implementing corrective actions based on the findings of the near miss investigations.
– Emphasize the importance of proactive measures, including staff education and training, to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.
– Discuss the role of continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of implemented measures.


In conclusion, the standard operating procedure for dealing with near misses plays a vital role in promoting patient safety and minimizing the occurrence of medical errors. By understanding the rules and regulations surrounding malpractice in Saudi Arabia, healthcare professionals can effectively report and address near misses. Through proper reporting, documentation, analysis, and implementation of corrective actions, healthcare facilities can work towards a culture of learning, improvement, and enhanced patient outcomes.

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