Module 5 Discussion: Technology in Healthcare EducationInstructions Please post your initial and response postings below by the due dates posted in the NGR 7820 Course Schedule. Initial Posting: F

Module 5 Discussion:  Technology in Healthcare EducationInstructions

Please post your initial and response postings below by the due dates posted in the NGR 7820 Course Schedule.  

  • Initial Posting:  For this module, everyone will respond to the same question and prompts outlined below.  Please refer to NGR 7820 Expectations: Discussion Postings/Written Work
  • Response Posting:  Respond to one of your classmate’s postings following the above guidelines.
  • Formatting:  All references are to be formatted using APA 7th ed. style. (Links to an external site.)
  • Grading:  Total discussion points = 100 (initial and response) – see grading rubric

Discussion QuestionPlease address the following prompts for your initial discussion posting.

  1. Provide a brief overview of a healthcare education technology of your choice.  The selected technology and the discussion post should focus on the use of technology for healthcare education – either patient or provider focus.
  2. How is this technology being used to improve healthcare education or its delivery?
  3. Briefly discuss any relevant advantages/disadvantages of the use of the selected technology.
  4. Discuss any legal, ethical, and/or privacy issues relevant to the use of the selected technology.
  5. Reflect on complexity leadership (Uhl-Bien, M., & Arena, M. (2017). Complexity leadership: Enabling people and organizations for adaptability (Links to an external site.). Organizational Dynamics, 46(1), 9–20). – discuss an enabling leadership principle or practice that might be used to successfully introduce this innovation into an organization.

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Healthcare education technology has advanced and transformed the healthcare industry, both for healthcare providers and patients. The selected technology must focus on the use of technology for healthcare education.

1. Brief Overview:
One healthcare education technology that has gained popularity is simulation-based training. Simulation-based training involves using virtual reality, mannequins, and other simulators to provide immersive training to medical students and healthcare providers. This technique enables learners to apply their clinical knowledge in a realistic and safe environment.

2. Improvement of Healthcare Education:
Simulation-based training improves healthcare education by providing a safe learning environment, increasing learner engagement, and enhancing clinical competency. Learners are exposed to various patient care scenarios, improving their decision-making skills and critical thinking abilities.

3. Advantages & Disadvantages:
The advantages of simulation-based training include the provision of realistic scenarios, safe learning environment, increased retention, and decreased medical errors. However, the cost of the technology and limitations in the fidelity of some simulators are a few disadvantages.

4. Legal, Ethical & Privacy Issues:
The use of simulation-based training must abide by standards established by professional organizations and accrediting bodies. Ethical concerns include informed consent, confidentiality of medical records, and special considerations for vulnerable populations. Privacy concerns must also be addressed when students access electronic medical records.

5. Enabling Leadership Principle or Practice:
An enabling leadership principle that could be used to introduce simulation-based training into an organization is providing support through education and resources. Leaders must be knowledgeable about the technology, its applications, and its impact on healthcare education. Providing training to staff and learners and ensuring adequate resources are available can increase its success.

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