Introduction of Brochure 1. Includes brochure title 2. Identifies date published 3. Describes individuals or groups 4. Brochure properly cited, included on reference list, and submitted with assignmen

Introduction of Brochure

1. Includes brochure title2. Identifies date published3. Describes individuals or groups4. Brochure properly cited, included on reference list,and submitted with assignment

Summary of Brochure

Review the main topics

Patient Communication

Includes information to promote communicationbetween patients and healthcare providers

Personal Reflection

Why did this topic interest you?

Evaluation of Brochure

Was the information provided in the brochurebeneficial? Could you incorporate it in your patienteducation?

Evaluation of Brochure

What was done well, and what could have beenimproved in the brochure?

Evaluation of Brochure

Was the information presented clearly?

Evaluation of Brochure

Did current nursing or healthcare related research support the information presented in the brochure?

Evaluation of Brochure

What population or individuals does this brochure apply to (i.e., who will benefit the most from this brochure)?

Evaluation of Brochure

Who else can use this information?

Evaluation of Brochure

Will this information increase patient safety?

Evidence Review & Application

Evidence from a recent (5 years) scholarly nursing journal article was integrated within the Evaluation of Brochure section to support your answers.


1.     Restates main ideas2. Includes supporting information from body of paper3. Summarizes the benefits of following the brochure’s advice to a person at risk

APA Style and Organization

1.     Adheres to current APA edition formatting guidelines for title page, margins, and in-text citations, and references2. Section headers used a. Summary of Brochure b. Patient Communicationc. PersonalReflection d. Evaluation of Brochure e. Evidence Review and Application f. Conclusion3. Paper is no longer than three (3) pages, excluding title page, reference page, and copy of brochure.

2.     Clarity of Writing) 1. Proper use of Standard English2. Shows original thought 3. No spelling or grammar errors4. Information presented in a logical progression

Expert Solution Preview


This assignment is focused on the evaluation of a brochure related to patient communication for healthcare providers. The brochure provides valuable information on how to improve communication between patients and healthcare providers, and its effectiveness is analyzed based on various aspects.

Summary of Brochure:

The brochure titled “Improving Patient Communication: Strategies for Healthcare Providers” was published in January 2021. It is designed to help healthcare providers promote effective communication with their patients. The brochure provides practical strategies to overcome communication barriers and facilitate better patient-provider interactions.

Personal Reflection:

This topic is of particular interest to me as effective communication is critical in healthcare settings. As healthcare providers, our ability to communicate with patients impacts their understanding of their conditions, their adherence to strategies, and ultimately their health outcomes.

Evaluation of Brochure:

The information provided in the brochure is highly beneficial and can be easily incorporated into patient education. The brochure is easy to read and understand, and it provides practical advice to healthcare providers to improve communication with their patients.

The brochure is well-structured, and the information is presented in a clear, concise manner. However, it could have been improved with more examples or case studies to illustrate the strategies presented.

The information presented was supported by current nursing and healthcare-related research, lending credibility to the strategies recommended in the brochure. This brochure applies to all populations and individuals, as effective communication is critical to all patients regardless of their condition.

This information also applies to other healthcare providers such as nurses, physician assistants, and other allied health professionals. Incorporating the strategies presented in the brochure into practice can enhance patient safety by ensuring that healthcare providers are providing effective communication that helps patients understand their condition and treatment plan.

Evidence Review and Application:

In a recent scholarly nursing journal article, “Effective communication between nurses and patients: A review of literature”, the authors found that effective communication is essential in patient-centered care and can lead to positive health outcomes. The strategies presented in the brochure align with the findings of this article and support the importance of effective communication between healthcare providers and their patients.


In conclusion, effective communication is critical in healthcare, and improving patient communication is a valuable resource for healthcare providers. By incorporating the strategies presented in the brochure, healthcare providers can enhance their communication skills, promote patient-centered care, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

APA Style and Organization:

This assignment adheres to current APA edition formatting guidelines for title page, margins, in-text citations, and references. Section headers used include Summary of Brochure, Patient Communication, Personal Reflection, Evaluation of Brochure, Evidence Review and Application, and Conclusion. The paper is no longer than three pages, excluding the title page, reference page, and copy of the brochure.

Clarity of Writing:

This assignment utilizes proper use of Standard English, shows original thought, and has no spelling or grammar errors. The information presented is in a logical progression, and the assignment is well-organized.

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